Saturday, June 26, 2010

Please Help...Newbie in Need

Dear Bloggers,

I have become addicted to reading blogs.  I read them for hours.  I love it.  I love to look at the pictures, and the creative layouts. 

I decided to start a blog a few weeks ago, and I HATE the way it looks. I am a total newbie, and I was wondering how to make the title box thingy. Do you have any advice you could lend...or step by step instructions?  ;D  I am not out to conquer the blogging world, just ramble to no one in particular about the frustrations and joys in my day to day life. My problem...I'm OCD. I cannot write, because I am consumed with the self critical, mumbo jumbo going through my brain about how my blog looks. It's pathetic, and it's making me crazy. 

(So much for getting past my psycho babble in my head and breaking free!)

So please, all you creative geniuses out there...HELP!! 

It has just occurred to me that I only have one follower...Karen, any advice???  (BTW...thanks for being my one follower, you ROCK!)

So anywho...if anyone manages to read this, please lend me your advice, or as I said before, step by step directions would also be GREATLY appreciated!! 



  1. It's normal to be consumed with how your blog looks, esp as a newbie. But honestly, people come to read YOU and they will, despite how your blog looks. As long as it loads easily, isn't cluttered with a ton of crazy stuff and is not grammatically challenging, you can let it ride while you explore different options. I would recommend adding Name/URL to your comment options, though, because most people want to leave that info on a comment, rather than sign in with a service.

  2. Your newest follower here, saw your post on Facebook, Scary Mommy. Blog hops work too. I have one that I am in for today Thursday.

    Here are some great links that I visit frequently!!

    kevin and amanda

    shabby blogs

    blogspot tutorial

    You will be fine, just keep getting your blog out there and followers will come!~Lisa

    I am all a twitter about life