Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holy Cow! What Happened??!!

This is me...three years ago.  I'm skinny, I'm tan...

This is me now...what the hell happened?!

So basically, I compared these pictures today and decided that something HAD to change.  I may not want to do 60 flights of stairs like Karen from The French Skinny Experiment, but I need to do them.  

About 2 weeks ago, I joined the gym with my daughter.  As she is only with me every two weeks, I have not gone once since she has been gone.  This stops tomorrow!  

I've also stopped eating processed foods for the most part. I am now going to start watching my portion control...or rather, my self control.  

I started my quest this morning.  I drank a cup of coffee before leaving the house.  At the office I made myself some organic oatmeal that I found at the grocery store.  I was very skeptical, but it is REALLY good!  It is called Better Oats Raw Pure & Simple.  

When it comes to lunch, I often eat out.  My plan is to start making a lunch each day.  Today however, I ate out...French Skinny style...
Hearty Crepe with chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, pepperjack cheese, onions, sliced almonds in a balsamic sauce served with a side salad and roasted red potatoes.

I found a lovely little restaurant called Le Ciel Crepe Cafe in San Luis Obispo.  It was wonderful...I want to eat there everyday!  I ate about half of my lunch and saved the rest for later.

Dinner was roasted pork loin, corn and quinoa.  Quinoa is my new favorite replacement for rice or potatoes.  It has the texture of cous cous and can be cooked a million different ways.  Not only that, but it's one of the world's healthiest foods.  You can read more at whfoods.org; just type in quinoa in the search bar.  

Well, now that I am armed with a plan, or at least high hopes, I'm off to bed...to dream of a skinnier me and the new wardrobe I'm going to buy!


  1. I know you can do it, Zanymad. Allez-y!!

  2. I have to be honest with you, I think you look better NOW!! But of course we all have a weight we are comfortable at and the main thing is that you like how you look!
    Please know that you do look amazing now! And this is coming from a 23y/o ex model, not an ugly man or something.. haha

  3. Thanks! You're sweet...I just want to be comfortable in my skin again.