Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hair Heartbreak...or Maybe Not!

My beautiful and spontaneous daughter got bored the other day and decided that her layers needed to be shorter.  She had asked me the day before to book her a hair appointment, which I agreed to do.  Apparently, it wasn't fast enough for her.

I get this text message that says, "should I tell you now what I did, so you don't flip out when you get home?"  I had heart palpitations as I asked her what she'd done.  She sent me this picture message:

I looked hard, I squinted...all I saw were really straight bangs and uneven ends.  So I asked her if she meant the bangs and shorter hair.  She said yes, so I replied with, "Cute!  I'm just thankful it wasn't a facial piercing."  To which she replied, "Yeah, cuz I would really have the guts to do that!"  Good to know...

So I get home, knock on her door and I see what the photo did not reveal...the top of her head is now two inches long.  I say in an exasperated tone, "Why did you do that to your hair?!"  She asks me to please not lecture her...and that she needs a hair appointment.  Yeah, no kidding.

Just the other day she confided in me that she wanted to go back to regular high school!  Inside I was jumping up and down and doing an end zone victory dance.  Now I'm looking at her hair and wondering what this is going to do to her confidence...and her decision to attend a new school.

I asked her what she was thinking...she said her layers were too long, so she thought she would trim them.  I reminded her that I was making her a hair appointment.  She said she knew that...she was bored...(one of the side effects of online high school, just say'n).  She asked me, "Haven't you ever cut your own hair?"  I said, "Yeah, when I was four."  I asked her how she wasn't crying and she told me, "I did that earlier." 

So I hugged her...and called my new emergency hair stylist, Amy Maggipinto/Miracle Worker, to come to the rescue.  She had recently fixed my own haircut disaster just the week before.  Only difference is, mine wasn't self inflicted.  Amy fit me in the next night.  Did I mention that Amy rocks?!

So the next day, after work I picked Madi up and off we went to Bellisimo Salon where Amy works her magic.  Amy took one look and made Madi promise to call her the next time she felt the need to cut her hair.  She volunteered to be her hair sponsor.  I cracked up..."Madi, step away from the scissors...I'm on my way!"

My heart was in my throat as Amy razored away Madi's hair...all of it gone.  What remained, was a cute, edgy haircut that completely fit my daughter's personality.  I looked at Madi and asked her how she was doing...she said, "I'm fine!"  

My daughter never ceases to amaze me.  She is strong and fearless.  She wants to be accepted, but on her own terms.  She has a bleeding heart and a fierce temper.  She is loyal, kind and expects everyone to be that way.  I am so proud to be her mother...and I cannot wait to see the woman she will grow to be.  Madi is going to make a difference in this world...just you wait and see!  

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  1. I love the new hair!!! I used to cut my own hair all the time. My sister still cuts her own every now and then. I gave myself baby bangs aka Jane Wyman bangs once when I was bored. I couldn't believe it when I was done. Why did I do that? I don't anymore. I think your daughter is incredibly creative.
    Rock on at your new school with your new fabulous doo!!!