Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rocky Horror

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter asked if we could rent The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  I explained that it wasn't a movie you rented, it was a movie you went to.  She just looked at me like I was crazy and old.  She said that she had watched it at a friend's house and they did this Time Warp dance.  I cracked up and told her what it's like to go to Rocky Horror.

Fast forward to last Friday...I'm in downtown SLO, on an errand.  I look up and there on the Fremont marquee is The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Oct 19th.

I think to myself...this is not a cowinkydink!  I got home later that night and told her that we were going to Rocky Horror and she was SO excited.

One cannot attend Rocky Horror without props...rice and toast, etc.

Madi was VERY disappointed that she didn't dress up...NEXT TIME!

The Virgin Rocky Horror Atttendee

Madi HAD to get her picture taken with these hardcore enthusiasts.

Costume Contest

Right before the show they had a trivia and costume contest.  Then the movie started.  We threw rice, we covered our heads with newspaper to avoid getting wet, we sang, we laughed, we got hit by toilet paper, we threw was a fun, fun time.  

There were moments that I is pretty racy...but then I would look over and she would be laughing.  Later I mentioned it and she said, "Mom, this is should hear the things kids say." 

On the way home, we spied a curbside treasure...

Madi had to have it...she begged, she pleaded...I said, "That is NOT going to fit in the car."  She insisted it would...

She was we took her treasure home...she was so happy!

Yeah, that's FIT!
I love my daughter!

I'm kinda digg'n this chair too...

What a NIGHT!


Later, Madi came up and hugged me and said she had the best night EVER!  We talked late into the night...this was the best night EVER for me as well...

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